Download করে নিন Best AntiVirus App | AVG AntiVirus PRO Android + Tablet Security 6.7.1 APK + Full + Cracked

[h1]বন্ধরা এখনি Download করে নিন AVG AntiVirus PRO আর মোবাইল কে করে তুলুন SuperFast।[/h1]
AVG AntiVirus PRO এর Features –
[b]Features of AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security –
• Scan apps, settings, files, media, calls
& text messages (SMS) in real-time
•Enable finding/locating your lost or
stolen phone via Google Maps™
•Lock & wipe your phone to protect
your privacy
•Kill tasks that can slow down your
•Browse the web safely and securely
•Monitor battery, storage and data
package usage
•Filter & block unwanted calls & text
messages (SMS)
•Password protect for apps
•Backup apps from your device to your SD
•Discreetly emails you a photo of
anyone who enters 3 wrong passwords when trying to unlock your phone
•Locks your phone whenever the SIM
card is REPLACED
•Identifies unsecure device settings and advises on how to fix THEM
•Helps ensure contacts, bookmarks &
text messages are SAFE
•Guards you from phishing attacks[/b]

আর যা নতুন পাচ্ছেন তা হলো: –
Introducing the all new AVG AntiVirus! This
is our biggest update ever, bringing you
many new features:
* Fresh new design with easier navigation
* Safe Clean junk remover
* Wi-Fi Speed Test
* Fingerprint and pattern support for App
* Powerful new Anti-Theft features
* App Permissions analyzer[/h2]

Android এর জন্য –
Tablet এর জন্য –
[color=red]ধন্যবাদ পোষ্টি পরার জন্য,
আর ভালো থাকবেন, সুস্থ থাকবেন হাসিখুশি থাকবেন[/color]


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